Painting will never stop ...

"Voytek, don't go into painting business because once you start, and you get good at it, painting will never stop". I didn't really believe him and I always wanted to be super busy...

Now, almost 10years later I just can't stop thinking about his words. They are so true... We usually work 6-7days a week, most bank holiday weekends, definitely most of dry days (to clear the constant backlog of exterior jobs) and when I'm off work, I'm being 'kindly' reminded that there is painting to be done at home. Sometimes I'm just happy that I don’t have my polish family here in Ireland...I presume they would expect me to paint their houses too (in my free time of course... We have 5+ painting inquiries per day, new clients are ringing sometimes at 5am or at midnight. And Irish people are very loyal, if you look after them they will always come back. Recently I met one of our first clients, we did for this lady numerous jobs in the last 10years (including painting her own house 3 times). We are overbooked or fully booked most of the year (except Winter of course).

Don't get me wrong - I'm not complaining. We have built great business. We did jobs I never imagined are possible for us (hospital in Dublin, full estate and 2hotels in Co. Clare, Stryker factories and many estates in Cork). I started on my own, my first 'van' was Suzuki Alto. And with the peak of 12 employees I never thought this is possible. I'm not complaining. I'm very grateful for all what happened.

It's just..., another Sunday when I'm painting at home and the words of my good friend are sitting in my head stronger than ever. Once you start painting, it never ends...

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Perfect Home is a leading painting company in Cork with professional Cork painters, Cork decorators and Polish painters. Expect a clean high-quality interior and exterior painting service for your house, property or business. Our painting & decoratoring service includes painting with water-resistant paint, mould-resistant paint, faux finish, sponging, as well as wallpapering, wall art, wall tatoos and interior design work. Our decorators and painters are highly skilled for residential and commercial painting jobs in Cork City and Cork County including Douglas, Passage West, Carrigaline, Crosshaven, Glanmire, Little Island, Cobh, Midleton, Youghal, Ballincollig, Macroom, Bantry, Skibbereen, Clonakilty, Bandon and KinsaleFermoy, Mallow and Blarney. For sizable jobs we are also glad to travel to Waterford, Limerick and Killarney.

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