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Palladio Doors


Tipperary Town

We deliver and install your made-to-measure Palladio doors. Design your own Palladio door with our Door Designer and we will give you a quote ...

Get a New Palladio Door in

Tipperary Town

Palladio doors are a popular choice for home owners in Ireland when replacing their front door. Here at Perfect Home we can recommend these durable doors after installing them at our customers for many years.

Palladio Door

The New "Avant Garde" Palladio Door Range

​Palladio's new contemporary range of stylish doors are inspired by a demand for modern clean lines that reflect the aspirations of modern architectural homes.

Our Palladio Door Configurator

​Design online your own new Palladio Door, send it to us and we'll give you a detailed quote. We then come along to measure everything in detail and advise you where needed.

What are Palladio doors?

A Palladio door is a composite door and is the most popular door brand in Ireland. Palladio doors can be used as front door, back door or patio door.

Palladio doors are initially more expensive than timber or PVC doors, but the cost of upkeep and ongoing maintenance is usually much less over the lifetime of the door.


Palladio doors are manufactured in Limerick by the company "Profile Development". The company is in business for many centuries and have perfected their offerings. We recommend Palladio as a high-quality value-for-money door for your house - especially as your front door.

Advantages of New Palladio Door

Even if your external doors are still functional, a new front door and new back doors can yield many benefits - including financial rewards:

  • Energy & cost savings

  • Lower heating costs

  • Improved comfort

  • Reduced condensation

  • Increased safety

  • etc.

Door Replacement with Local Door Installer in

Tipperary Town

We make your door replacement happen! We are professional door installers with years of experience in replacing all old exterior doors in your home. Our approach to fitting doors in an existing house leaves you without any worries. We measure your doors, source suitable Palladio Doors for you and install them with minimum disruption to your life in your home.

humm by flexifi: “Buy Now – Pay Later”

Perfect Home has teamed up with "humm by flexifi" to offer our customers flexible payment options for their house refurbishment. Get your new windows and doors replaced now and pay later for it.

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Want to keep your old doors?

If you decide to keep your old doors for the time being then we can do a health check of all your external doors by adjusting all hinges, replacing damaged seals and handles and fixing fogged up areas. In addition, if you have uPVC doors then we could spray them with a colour of your choice and they will look like new!

Contact us now in

Tipperary Town

Mobile: +353 86 8841950

Palladio Doors in

Tipperary Town

Tipperary Town


Nestled in the scenic heart of County Tipperary, Tipperary Town is a charming blend of historic grace and modern vibrancy. The town's iconic Main Street, lined with colorful facades and bustling shops, captures the essence of its community spirit.

The centerpiece of Tipperary's historic charm is the Main Guard, an elegant building that speaks to the town's rich heritage. Nearby, the Church of St. Michael and St. John adds a touch of architectural splendor.

For a journey into medieval Ireland, the iconic Rock of Cashel stands proudly on a limestone hill just a short drive away. Tipperary Town itself is surrounded by lush landscapes, with the Galtee Mountains providing a stunning backdrop to the south.

Nature enthusiasts can explore the Nore Valley or seek tranquility in the Glen of Aherlow, where the scenic beauty is complemented by walking trails and panoramic views. Cahir, with its medieval castle on the banks of the River Suir, is a nearby gem to explore.


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