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Reference - Church in Carrignavar, Co. Cork

Painting and decorating of the church in Carrignavar transformed the quaint place of worship into a sparkling gem. Carrignavar (Irish: Carraig na bhFear) is a village in Co. Cork north of Cork city. It lies east of Whitechurch connected with a bridge over the Cloghnagash River.

The extensive painting job was subcontracted to us in 2013 and is a great display of our creativity and problem resolution skills for even complex buildings. We recommend driving through the lovely village and visit the church to admire the lovely colour and brightness of the church.

I was contacted by Father Michael Regan in early April 2013 (after recommendations from our customer) for a meeting to discuss painting and decorating of the Parish Church (Church of the Immaculate Conception).

After site survey we submitted a detailed quotation and presented main challenges + solutions, which were:

  • Thick wet dashing – impossible to roll and brush – we had to spray it, which - with close proximity of a shop and main road and windy area (Church is on top of a hill) – presented major risk of splatter on cars and closely located buildings. To solve this problem we created splash protectors, that was held next to the sprayer by second person when spraying was in progress.

  • Old galvanized gutters – old gutters were leaking, previous painters didnt use galvanized primer so paint was peeling of them. To solve this problem we took down all gutters, and downpipes, sanded them fully with angle grinder and painted with proper (Zinsser – best on the market) galvanized primer before we applied metal paint. We had also changed all old connections so the gutters were not leaking anymore.

  • Acces – with difficult acces to the Church we had to use 3 different lifts – 60ft articulated boom, scissor lift and tow behind small hoist. We at Perfect Home Painting and Decorating are insured and have tickets to drive all lifts listed above.

  • Color picking – one of the main concerns Father Michael Regan had from the beginning was the right color picking. The Parish Church is the main building in the village and is located by the main road in the centre of the village. We offered (as a part of quotation) to paint the front porch (which has all the elements as the main building – wall, window, trims, plinth, fascia boards, gutters etc.) in 3 different color schemes and leave a week between each color scheme to pick the best collors possible. It worked out very well!

For high spec job we used best paint possible –

  • Dulux “Weathershield all seasons” instead standard Dulux Weathershield for all trims, plinth, reveals, cappings etc.,

  • All undercoats and primers were Zinsser brand (the best on the market)

  • Fleetwood Exterior Paint for spraying

  • Sandtex exterior oil-based eggshell for exterior woodwork (doors)

  • Tri-flow for all metal elements


After 6 weeks of painting, with no discruption to mass times and people coming to the church we completed excellent job that will last for years.


Dulux? Fleetwood? ... Read our advice on paint brands in Ireland. Selecting the right paint brand can be a challenge.


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