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Window Repairs in Ireland

Window Repairs


We repair hinges, handles, glass, seals and vents of windows in your residential home. Book a free assessment to get a detailed quote for your window repair work ...

Repairing windows in


Roofs, doors and windows in your home qualify as both interior and exterior fixtures. Therefore, they are of great importance to the structural integrity of the building and crucial for the comfort of all people living in your residential refuge. Windows have both functional and aesthetic value for your home. For your home and residential window installation, repair, and replacement, you'll be best served by trusting your job to the experts at Perfect Home Windows & Doors.

We fix and replace windows in


  • Window hinges

  • Window seals

  • Window handles

  • Many types of glass

  • Window vents

  • Draughty windows

  • Stuck windows

  • Broken glass

Type of windows

  • uPVC windows

  • Aluminium windows

  • Aluclad windows

  • Wooden windows

  • Tilt and turn windows

  • Vertical sliding sash windows

  • Skylights

  • Single-glazed

  • Double-glazed

  • Triple-glazed

Contact us now in


Mobile: +353 86 8841950

No Emergency Call Outs

Please note that we don't offer an out-of-hours emergency service.

We don't fix conservatory leaks

Most leaks in a conservatory or sun room are caused by structural issues in the roof. Therefore, we recommend a specialised roofing company.



Nestled along the banks of the River Nore, Kilkenny City is a jewel in Ireland's historic crown. Its medieval origins are beautifully preserved in Kilkenny Castle, a grand testament to Norman power that overlooks the River Nore.

The city's heartbeat resonates along the Medieval Mile, where narrow streets weave through a rich tapestry of medieval buildings, charming boutiques, and welcoming pubs. The Kilkenny Arts Festival, an annual celebration, transforms the city into a vibrant hub of creativity, attracting artists and enthusiasts alike.

Beyond its medieval allure, Kilkenny is a haven for nature lovers. Explore the tranquility of Woodstock Gardens or venture to Jerpoint Abbey, an ancient monastic site surrounded by rolling hills.

Kilkenny's culinary scene is a fusion of tradition and innovation, with local markets offering fresh produce and cozy pubs inviting you to savor hearty Irish fare. The Smithwick's Experience provides a journey into the city's brewing heritage.


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