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Palladio Door Designer

Design your own new front door with the Palladio Door Designer ...

Design your own door online and send at the end the result to us to get a FREE quote for that door. The Palladio Door Designer is a great tool to create your dream door for your home.

Palladio Door Designer with many choices
Palladio Door Designer with many choices

Use our Palladio Door Configurator NOW

Design online your own new Palladio door, send it to us and we give you a detailed quote.

What are Palladio doors?

A Palladio door is a composite door and is the most popular door brand in Ireland. Palladio doors are manufactured in Limerick by the company "Profile Development". The company is in business for many centuries and have perfected their offerings. We recommend Palladio as a high-quality value-for-money door for your house.

"Profile Development" is not installing their doors themselves but partner with experienced specialised companies like us. We get you a quote for your specific configuration which includes hassle-free installation.

The Palladio Door Collection

See the full range of Palladio Doors and possible configurations.

Palladio Door Brochure
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Advantages of a Palladio door:

  • Trusted Irish company Palladio doors are manufactured in Ireland by a trusted Limerick company with best products, excellent service and a long standing reputation throughout Ireland.

  • Guarantee All Palladio doors come with a 12 year manufactures guarantee. This means peace of mind for the customer.

  • Huge choice Palladio doors are available in 13 stunning colours and 31 amazing designs - including a comprehensive range of modern and classic designs to suit all tastes.

  • Unique monocoque structure Palladio doors are designed with a monocoque structure (as opposed to being foam filled) and reinforced with 65mm of fiberglass resulting in incomparable strength and resistance.

  • Double rebated - Triple glazed Not only is the Palladio Door Collection double rebated as standard, all glass units in the doors are triple glazed as standard and made in house. This gives the customers a choice over their glass design.

What are composite doors?

Composite doors are a great alternative to UPVC or timber front doors. They are an incredible focal point for home-owners looking to add instant transformation. With their wood-like appearance and hard-wearing, weather resistant finish, composite doors make a great addition to any style of home.

Advantages of composite doors:

  • Cost & Maintenance: A composite door is initially more expensive than a wooden door. However, the cost of upkeep and ongoing maintenance is usually much less over the lifetime of a front door. In addition, the composite doors are both scratch and scuff resistant.

  • Life Expectancy: A composite door can last a lifetime with very little maintenance. Wooden doors might last only up to 30 years, but need much more care, like painting and varnishing on a regular base.

  • Insulation: Modern composite doors are excellent in regards to thermal and noise insulation. Most modern composite front doors are double rebated doors with triple glazing as standard achieving an outstanding U value on both solid and glazed doors.

  • Security: Composite doors are stronger than doors made of single materials due to the mixture of the different parts of their composition. Thin and insecure materials like wood mean that it is easier for someone to break in.

  • Look and Feel: Most composite door collections offer a huge variety of colours, patterns and styles to suit any Irish house. This variety is unmatched by wooden doors with its limited styles.

Looking for a back door?

If you're looking for a back door as well? Check out our guide to back doors. Decide if you go for a standard door, a French door, a sliding door oder a folding door.

We take care of your doors!

Palladio Doors Examples

A selection of doors we have installed ....

If you have any questions or you need help in selecting the right front door for you then feel free to contact us!


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