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Maintenance of window hinges

How to keep your window hinges clean and functional ... a bit of love will go a long way!

Maintenance of your windows is straight forward and highly recommended. Keep the friction stay track free from dirt and the hinge mechanism clean. Every few years, lubricate the metal parts with machine oil, concentrating on the pivot points. With a bit of maintenance your windows will last longer and will cause less trouble in the future.

Maintenance tips

We recommend to do window maintenance every couple of years

  • Clean hinges with cloth

  • Clear friction stay track

  • Lubricate all moving metal parts

  • Friction can be increased or decreased by adjustment of the turning screw

  • Replace damaged parts immediately

What to avoid

Windows are very robust, but some things need to be avoided.

  • Having windows open during a storm

  • Window hinges exposed to rain

  • Constant condensation from inside

  • Damaged seals which allow dirt and dust to enter

  • Moving without lubricant


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