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Window seals - often forgotten

Damaged window seals are a main reason for drafts in a room

When talking about window seals some people think only of the seal around the frame. Although that seal is very important the seal within the window is also a very crucial part of a healthy window. If any of the seals are damaged or broken your energy-loss can be significant not to mention the unhealthy drafts. However, other important components to consider are the window hinges. These need to be checked and adjusted to avoid gaps.

Check your windows

To avoid drafts and lasting damage to your window you need to consider:

  1. Seals between windows and frame

  2. Seals of the double/triple glazing

  3. Adjustment of window hinges

Repair of seals

  • Windows older than 10 years? ->CHECK SEALS

  • Frame seals flat or out of place? ->REPLACE

  • Double-/triple glazing seals damaged? ->FIX

  • Hinges causing gaps? ->ADJUST

Maintenance tips for seals

  • Check the seals at least once a year

  • Clean seals with a cloth

  • Ensure a tight fit of seal

  • Replace broken seals immediately

  • Call in warranty if still applicable

Frame seals

These seals are easily visible if you open the window. You find them around the frame. Check if they are ok and not flattened if they were round seals. They should be clean and without gaps.

Double-/triple-pane seals

There are additional seals for the chambers between the glass layers. If they are damaged the window will fog up. This should be immediately repaired as it leads to serious heat loss.

Window hinges

Hinges are responsible for the correct positioning of the window onto the frame. If the hinges are not adjusted correctly then the window will have gaps. And if the gaps are caused by the hinges, then a new seal alone will not resolve the issue completely.


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